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Money to Burn? Japan’s most expensive single malt “Yamazaki 50-Year-Old” goes on sale

Yamazaki 50 Year Old

Yamazaki 50 Year Old

Japan is generally not known to the whisk(e)y mainstream as a main player in the quality echelons as Kentucky Bourbon and Scotch Whisky. But let me tell you now, the most interesting comments that came from my friends after the Whisky Extravaganza came from the Japanese table featuring Yamazaki and Hibiki.

Back in 1961, someone stashed a barrel (or more) of the company’s production from that year in  a locked off area (presumably) and a tag that says “INSTRUCTIONS:

  1. Do not open until 2011 for a bottling.
  2. Place it in your spaceship-car
  3. Float it via tractor beam to a local retailer
  4. Reap the amazing wealth derived from an astronomical price!”

Well the spaceship and tractor beams didn’t happen and the price can’t possibly be astronomical compared to what I’m sure what they it would be 50 years later, but they bottled 150 bottles of the stuff for sale on the ultra-collectible and I-have-too-much-money-to-burn .

Goodness gracious, they are selling it for $13,000 or so. The whisky’s color is cherry red according to all of the pictures and the taste super fruity, though anything that has been in wood that long must have a musty-grandpa-basement element to it.

If you are going to buy this one, I live in the DC area and would welcome the chance to get a little sippy sip, but I’m not holding my breath.

Good grief, that is a lot of money for a bottle of whisky. Did I already say that?

See original report at CNN.com here.

Thanks to Brandon for the hot tip!

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  1. Raymond J. Bull
    November 15th, 2011 at 02:42 | #1

    I think Japanese whisky would be better known if you could get more than the three offerings from Suntory — Yamazaki 12, Yamazaki 18, and Hibiki 12 — in the U.S.

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